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A Message About Christmas Jan 7, 2021

Today, as we celebrate the Baptism of the Lord we look at an adult Jesus. The child of the manger has grown to manhood and respectability, and reaches that place in life when He must embark on the Divine commission entrusted to Him by the Father. In preparation, He joins the crowds who have responded to John the Baptist in the River Jordan. It is at that time and place that God reveals Him as His Son:

“You are my son, the Beloved; my favour rests on you”.

It is just the preparatory stage of the great journey He is prepared to begin that will lead all the way to the cross.

It is interesting to note that the baptism of Jesus is reported in each of the three Synoptic Gospels—Matthew, Mark, and Luke. Clearly, Jesus’ baptism was an event of great significance for Jesus and for the early Christian community. Mark and Luke report the story from Jesus’ perspective; the voice from heaven is addressed to Jesus. In Matthew’s Gospel, the voice from heaven speaks to all who are present. The descent of the Holy Spirit on Jesus at his baptism shows that something new is beginning through the baptism and ministry of Jesus.

The feast of the Baptism of our Lord also serves to remind us of our own Baptisms, compelling us to renew the promises our parents and godparents made on our behalf, when they presented us to the Church, to make of us disciples of Jesus.   In fact, by making a deliberate choice to be a disciple, we the people of Our Lady of the Rosary Parish Family commit ourselves in 2021 to seek out and find the lost, to heal the hurting, to feed the hungry, to free the imprisoned, to rebuild families and nations, to bring the peace of God to all peoples everywhere.



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