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New Guidelines for Mass Registration on Eventbrite Jan 19, 2021

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The process for Registering for Mass on Eventbrite has been altered as from the Mass on 10 January. This has been done to minimise crowding at the church doors while ticking the Attendance Sheets where parishioners don’t, can’t or won’t maintain the recommended 1.5m spacing.

This is particularly a challenge at our larger parish Masses.

Also, we are only required, now, to collect contact tracing data for one of the people in each attending group. Please note the following guidelines.

  • Individuals who register for themselves only: No change
  • Family Groups who reside together: The system now only requires one person’s details and the correct number of tickets selected. Only the registerer is required to tick the attendance sheet.
  • People who register other parishioners: The person’s name who is attending Mass (the person whom you’re registering) must be entered in the booking process. You may continue to enter your own email address if they do not have one but please include their phone number. Unless you’re registering more than one person in the same household, you will need to complete a separate registration per person.

While this won’t affect the majority of people, we’re conscious that a dedicated number of parishioners make bookings for others on a weekly basis. We’re grateful for the way you serve your community and apologetic that this new process may seem to be creating work. It will, however, speed up the entry to parish Masses and ensure we maintain an appropriate physical distance.


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