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Personal Journals Mar 5, 2021

Third Sunday Of Lent

A project of the Australian Grail in support of prisoners.

During the last decade the Australian Grail, inspired by Benedictine Sr. Joan Chittister, has produced a series of personal journals distributing them freely to both male and female prisoners incarcerated in NSW. The third edition came off the press in late 2020 and, as a result of positive feedback from recipients, has expanded into Queensland for the first time.

Traditionally, the free gift to prisoners was made possible through the sale of “matching” ones via churches, parishes, friends and groups keen to support our incarcerated brothers and sisters. Covid-19 now makes this method problematic.

In Queensland, 1,000 journals were donated to the four dioceses with jails within their borders for distribution to prisoners. The Brisbane Grail accepted responsibility for the sale of another 1,000 Journals in order to cover the cost of those given as Christmas gifts in Queensland jails.

Hence this letter to you! We need your help in whatever form you are able to give it, please. We are appealing to your generosity and resourcefulness in assisting us to ensure that each of these attractive and useful booklets finds a home with yourself, your friends or any group resonating with Queensland women and men incarcerated in our prisons. If you can help with 1, 10 or 100 – any participation is welcomed!

About the Journals: They are small A5 booklets of some 75 pages comprising thoughts, images and reflections to nurture the human spirit with space for writing or journaling. Not being dated means they remain ever current. Already people have decided to use theirs as their personal journal; others have gifted them; and one House of Spirituality has purchased multiple copies to use on reflection days. Their appeal is universal and timeless!

How to purchase Journals? Right now, Elizabeth Lancaster and Judy Brown are taking orders. Without packing & postage, the Journals cost $10 each.

Elizabeth can be contacted on 0407 738 582 (or email [email protected]) and Judy on 0407 580 174 (or email [email protected]).


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