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Good Friday Collection Mar 26, 2021

Palm Sunday

The annual collection for the support of the Church in the Holy Land takes place on Good Friday. This collection promotes the missionary work of the Church in the Holy Land by providing welfare assistance to local Christians in areas such as health, education, employment and housing. Parishes, schools, orphanages and medical centres throughout the Holy Land also rely on assistance from the Good Friday collection.


The collection is also used to maintain 74 churches and shrines associated with the life of Jesus. Last year, Australian Catholics donated $1.3 million to this cause, despite tough economic times, natural disasters and increasing cost of living, which put a strain on family budgets and financial resources. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. Please remember the Christians of the Holy Land again on this Good Friday. Please also pray that peace and harmony will become a reality in the birthplace of Jesus, the ‘Prince of Peace’.


How the Collection is eventually divided in the Holy Land:

In accord with Papal instructions, money obtained from the collection is divided between the Congregation for the Oriental Churches and the Latin Patriarchate (35%) and the Custody of the Holy Land (65%).


Biblical shrines 74 Schools 22 (7000+ students)
Parishes 24 ‘Casa Nova’ Guest Houses 4
Other religious centres 19 Orphanages and refuges 6
Charitable programmes Rental assistance, educational scholarships, medical centres.
Institutions: Franciscan Biblical Centre, Christian Information Centre, Jerusalem Theological Seminary, Franciscan Printing Press, Centre for the Oriental Christian Studies.


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