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Parish News & Events Last Week May 21, 2021

Pentecost Sunday

OLR School Construction Project Official Opening

Congratulations to the principal of our Parish Primary School, Dr Michael Stewart and the school staff for coordinating the official opening of the new under covered area and refurbished Year 5 & 6 classrooms. The $1,600,00 project was completed last year but because of Covid restrictions we could only gather last week to bless and officially open the redevelopment.


Official guests included Jason Hunt, State Member for Caloundra and Pam Betts, Executive Director of Brisbane Catholic Education. The prayerful liturgy was led by the senior students of the school and the OLR choir.

Alpha Team

Most of our Alpha Team leaders recently met for dinner to debrief the last course which 25 participants completed. This meeting also saw the emergence of three new Alpha’s commencing in early July – watch this space! Please pray for Alpha in our parish, that it may be an effective tool for Evangelisation.


Hours of Grace

Congratulations to the coordinators of this year’s Hours of Grace, 48 hours of adoration at Our Lady of the Rosary church. The Hours of Grace concluded on Saturday with Benediction and Mass at 9am.


A Ministry Well Done

Left to right – Kath Barker (15 year’s service), Monica McLennan (15 year’s service), Mike Stewart (Chaplin), Maria Stewart (4 year’s service), and Karen Wilson (resident manager).

After 17 years, Michael Stewart and his Pastoral Care team are retiring from their dedicated volunteer roles at Southern Cross Aged Care facility at Little Mountain. For everyone at Little Mountain, their ministry and witness has been appreciated and valued.  Mike and the team were formally thanked and recognised by Karen Wilson, the Resident Manager during a ‘high tea’ at the facility.

On behalf of the entire parish, thank you for your ministry. We take this opportunity to congratulate parishioner, Kristie McManus, who now takes on the challenging role of Pastoral Leader at the Southern Cross Aged Care facility at Little Mountain.


NET News

We started our week off with a pancake breakfast where a horde of hungry students who ran us completely dry of pancake mix (we’ll buy more next time). After that we burnt off the pancakes, playing sport with the years 6s,7s and 8s. The rest of our week we ran a couple of Encounter sessions with the year 11s where we started a three week journey learning about Self Image. On Friday we ran a year 6 class about the Eucharist and the unifying power of affirmation. Over the weekend we had our junior and senior youth groups, where we talked about confidence and encountering Jesus through music. Please continue to pray for our ministry this year, God bless.
the NET Team.


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