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Xavier School of Mission May 21, 2021

Pentecost Sunday

As our parish seeks to become more mission-orientated, Adult Faith Formation stands out as an aspect of parish life that is sorely missing. You are therefore invited to attend the annual Xavier School of Mission at Holy Spirit Seminary.

The Xavier School of Mission aims to equip and form leaders in evangelisation at the service of the Dioceses of Queensland and beyond. It is a dynamic and flexible resource that places the Church’s mission to evangelise at the heart of Holy Spirit Seminary’s formative process. The event is hosted at the Seminary at Banyo where attendees enjoy the experience of seminary life and also, if desired, may apply for accreditation as single units or as part of a Graduate Certificate in Theology (Mission and Culture). Excitingly, we already have three parishioners from our parish who have committed to this opportunity for mission formation.

The 2021 theme is Spirituality for Mission: The Spirit Calls, Apostles Listen.
What is the prayer life of one who is called to be an apostle? In what way can I work with the Holy Spirit? Does the mission field of my life drain me or energise me? How do I love and accompany those whom God entrusts to me? What are the skills and strategies I can learn and bring back to my parish or community that will enable me to introduce others into a place of shared mission? These and other questions will frame the experience of the week together as attendees seek to respond to the Spirit’s call for a new generation of apostles.

Key speakers include Lismore Diocese’s Bishop Gregory Homeming OCD, Retired Bishop of Darwin Eugene Hurley, Dr Doseena Fergie, Professor David Tacey and Associate Professor Robyn Horner.

If you would like to attend the Xavier School of Mission next month, please contact that parish office for registration details or see Fr Josh.

A complete flyer, including cost details, is attached below.


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