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Fr Dang’s Front Page Reflection Apr 2, 2021

Easter Sunday

Dear all,


As I write this reflection for our parish newsletter, I am once again asked to be in isolation for three days due to the new surge of Covid cases in our Sunshine State. My very first reaction to the news was “oh no, not again”. Why must it be this way? When will it end? We have been through this more than a year. Would it be enough?

To be honest, I kinda miss many things that makes our celebration of Easter special. I miss the Church filled with people, the joyful music, the beautiful flowers, and so on. I miss things that I never even thought I cared about before, but now that I’m stuck in my home, adhering to a stay-at-home order, and social distancing from the people I love, the things I miss jump out at me.

I guess many of us are probably feeling the same. Our qualities of life definitely have been deprived in many ways from this Pandemic, and more so in this time of Easter that we may not be able to share our Easter joy with our love ones. It can feel quite concerning and burdensome.

There is no doubt this Coronavirus has turned our world upside down and is distracting us from the joyful celebration of a central tenet of our faith, the resurrection of our Lord. As painful as this pandemic has been, in this Easter Sunday, we must remember that our faith is bigger than life, and that our God is bigger than death. We are called to find our joy for the resurrection of Jesus Christ in our hearts. It is there, in the depths of the heart, that we come to know the Lord and to appreciate his resurrection. It is there, in the depths of the heart, that we embrace his love and come to a conversion experience. It is there, in the depths of the heart, that the risen Lord speaks to us of his great love and mercy.

For me, in many ways, the self-quarantine experience during this Holy Week makes me miss many things that makes our celebration of Easter special, at the same time, it makes me realise that Easter joy does not require a Church filled with people, joyful music or beautiful flowers. Easter joy comes from the sheer exuberance we feel from knowing that Jesus loved us enough to suffer and die for our sins, and to rise from the dead for our salvation. Easter joy comes from an inner conviction that our lives are special and worth living because we are disciples of the Lord, and that He loves us more than we could ever imagine.

So let us give thanks to our Savior who gave literally everything he had to us from the goodness of his sacred heart, so that we can embrace him in the depths of our own heart. He is indeed risen!


Happy Easter to all! 

Fr Dang

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