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Fr Josh’s Front Page Reflection Feb 2, 2022

Fourth Sunday In Ordinary Time
Fr Josh Whitehead
Fr Josh Whitehead

Our Church and the World Needs You

This last week on Tuesday, the Church celebrated the Feast of the Conversion of St Paul. While Paul himself describes aspects of his conversion in his letters to the Corinthians and the letter to the Galatians, Luke, in Acts 9, narrates Paul’s life-changing experience of falling down on the road to Damascus and encountering the risen Jesus. That single event, and the ensuing experiences of his temporary blindness healed and subsequent baptism, fuelled his entire future ministry.

Paul’s conversion was also his commission as an apostle of Christ – one who is sent. He came to realise that he had been called and sent by God for the specific purpose of bringing the Good News to the non-Jewish world – the Gentiles – which includes us! Interestingly, the experience of being called and sent by God for this specific purpose also happens in the lives of baptised people. For the majority of Catholics, baptism is celebrated shortly after birth, in the first year of life, and so ours is a commission which necessarily requires discovery, realisation an embracement as adults.

In your faith journey – where you’re currently at – have you experienced being called and sent by God for a specific purpose? While many Christians experience the call to married life, God’s call to one of the four Vocations – married, ordained, single and religious life – are simply calls within the call; different way of living out our Vocation as a baptised person. Baptised people are therefore called for the specific purpose of sharing the Good News that   Jesus is alive and that he desires, more than anything in this world, to have a relationship with you and me.

Today, our Church and the world need baptised people to discover, realise and embrace their commission to share the Good News more than ever. “But Fr Josh, how do I discover this?” Friends, it takes prayer, prayer, prayer. It requires our deliberate investment of time to cultivate a personal, life-giving relationship with Jesus. Even Paul, following his conversion, took time to realise and cultivate his relationship with Christ (Gal 1:17-18). Today, let’s take stock of where we’re at in our relationship with the Lord and invest some extra time, seeking and searching for what God is asking of us at this time.

Peace and blessings, Fr Josh


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