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Fr Peter’s Front Page Reflection Mar 11, 2022

Second Sunday of Lent
Fr Peter Brannelly resized
Fr Peter Brannelly resized

Be an Agent of Transfiguration

Traditionally on the second weekend of Lent we hear the mysterious story of the Transfiguration. This year we hear Luke’s account which is filled with images from the Old Testament like the haunting voice from the cloud and the very names of Moses and Elijah conjure up a whole history of divine revelation. In Luke’s Gospel, the transfiguration takes place after Jesus’ instructions to his followers on the cost of discipleship. To follow Jesus is an “exodus” through one’s own desert to the Promised Land, through Jerusalem to the empty tomb, through death to life.


In offering to build three tents to honour Jesus, Moses and Elijah, Peter and his sleepy companions do not understand that Jesus’ exodus does not end with the glorious vision they have witnessed. It is only the beginning. It is interesting to see how the disciples grapple with and finally come to understand the significance of what they experienced.


Are we that different here in our coastal and hinterland Catholic Parish? You see, Transfiguration is not just something that happens to Jesus. To experience transfiguration is to experience and to realize that there exists within each of us the “divinity”, the “love of God”, the “spark of the divine, call it what you want, that enables us to transform our lives and the lives of those we love.


That experience of transfiguration should lie at the heart of all our Lenten disciplines this year. As Pope Francis suggests, there are many ways of fasting and many ways of experiencing the Transfiguration in our lives and the lives of our sisters and brothers.


Pope Francis on Lent


Fast from Sadness and be filled with GRATITUDE

Fast from Anger and be filled with PATIENCE.

Fast from PESSIMISM and be filled with HOPE.


Fast from COMPLAINTS and contemplate SIMPLICITY.


Fast from BITTERNESS and fill your heart with JOY.

Fast from SELFISHNESS and be COMPASSIONATE to others.

Fast from GRUDGES and be RECONCILED.

Fast from WORDS and be SILENT so you can listen.


So, what I think we should take away from today’s Mass is a blueprint for all our actions and choices this coming week, which enables us to be conscious of what we are giving up and what we are taking on this Lent. Today’s Gospel powerfully reminds us that we are placed in our world, in our community, as God’s fellow workers, agents of transfiguration. The fasting recommended by Pope Francis helps focus our minds and makes us conscious of the choices we are making and the people we are becoming. For most of us we will probably only experience these transfiguring moments when we discover who we are and, just as important, the grace and love that has made us who we are. So, I invite you to accept Pope Francis’s suggestions so that this coming week injustice is transfigured into justice, dignity has the chance to be restored, forgiveness is experienced and all our God- given potential is realized.

Wishing you every blessing as we together live this second week of Lent.

Fr Peter Brannelly

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