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Fr Peter’s Front Page Reflection Aug 5, 2022

Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Fr Peter Brannelly resized
Fr Peter Brannelly resized

Fr Peter’s farewell message / Final Rendezvous

My earliest memory of holidays was as a 3 year-old when the family in an old hot Holden, joined the endless que of cars and drove up the single lane Bruce Highway, passing the pine plantations and the mysterious Mount Tibrogargan.  At Moby Vic’s service station we turned right and ended up in Caloundra.


It is amazing the details of what you remember.  We stayed at Kronks Holiday Village.  I still remember the big shrubs that surrounded the swimming pool (where my sister nearly drowned!) and the rhythm of the old lighthouse and the lights it emitted, which fascinated me as I lay in bed.


My next memory of Caloundra would be the early 80s just after Fr John Dobson was appointed the second parish priest.  I remember endless barbeques on the balcony that looked over the expanse of the Pacific Ocean because there were no school buildings or trees to obscure the view.


On that baloney, ‘Dobbo’ told me of his plans and his vision and I was captivated (and exhausted) by his enthusiasm and energy.


With the Golden Jubilee just around the corner, it is great to pause along our journey of faith and remember and give thanks for where we have come from as a Parish.  The people and personalities; the sacrifices and celebrations; the realized dreams and missed opportunities; are all part of the rich tapestry of our Parish life together.


Only together does the journey make sense!


I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I would one-day end up being appointed the fourth parish priest of Our Lady of the Rosary.  It has been a  privilege!  It is another reminder to me of the importance of being open to where God leads and never being afraid to respond to the call!  As I prepare to take up my new appointment at Stella Maris, I want to thank you for your support, patience and friendship over the past three and a half years –  it is truly appreciated.


Fr Peter Brannelly



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