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Going Deeper: Faith Formation Opportunity Aug 7, 2021

Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

What is Going Deeper? Friends, in the parish survey/census we conducted at the start of 2021, many parishioners indicated their desire to engage in opportunities to learn more about their faith. Adult Faith Formation, as it’s known, is something the Church has long-realised as an indispensable component to help move us into a more mature understanding of our faith. Evangelisation Brisbane (EB), an Archdiocesan agency which exists to support the evangelising efforts of parishes, has produced a ten-part online video product called Going Deeper to help us engage in faith formation as mature adults.

Going Deeper has been designed primarily for individual use. The reason for this is that each of us is on our own unique spiritual journey. While we are certainly connected to one another as members of the Body of Christ, your experiences, observations and questions will be unique to you. You deserve to have those acknowledged, respected and responded to.

Registration Window: Registrations for Going Deeper are open now, and will remain open until the end of September. Participants can register at any time between now and then. Once registered, participants will be provided access to week 1 of the program, with week 2 of the program becoming available the week after that and so on. This cohort will have until the end of November to complete the program.

What to expect? Each week you will be provided with three short videos (of around 8-10 minutes each) presenting a conversation between Peter Pellicaan and Shane Dwyer. These three short videos are in fact one conversation on a broad topic, divided to allow for the opportunity for you to pause, pray, think and record your thoughts. Most weeks also provide a supplementary video or two of Catholics from around the Archdiocese who have sought to respond to the various things that may have been raised in the central conversations.

At the end of each week’s topic you will be invited to pray and then to write up your submission which will be responded to by a member of the Evangelisation Brisbane Adult Formation (AF) team. Your submission can be as detailed or brief as you would like it to be. However, try to keep it concise and suitably respectful. The only ‘wrong’ response is an aggressive or rude one. Only the members of the EB AF team will see your response. They are not available to other participants.

Numbers restriction: Because EB desire to offer quality interaction and support with participants, numbers will be restricted to 200 people for the first cohort. Once this is reached, registrations will close; those who have missed out will be able to register for the February 2022 cohort.

Cost: To cover costs of administration and development, EB is asking $50 of individuals. Please get in touch if this presents any difficulty, as we do not want cost to be the reason someone does not participate.

What we are asking of you? Besides signing up for Going Deeper, you are invited to think about how you might share this opportunity with others. It might be members of your family, those to whom you minister, or those with whom you work. You can provide them with the information contained in this article – and encourage them to go to the Going Deeper site to watch the video on the homepage to decide for themselves whether they would like to participate.

For now, we encourage you to go the Going Deeper site at You can even watch a sample click of Going Deeper (Session 1, Part 1) on YouTube by clicking here.

There you will find the introductory video and a “Find out More” button. Watch the video and then click on the Find out More button. You will be taken to a brief explanation of the program and to the registration portal.


Peace and blessings,

Fr Josh


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