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Easter In The Ukraine Apr 15, 2022

Easter Sunday
Pray For Ukraine At Easter
Pray For Ukraine At Easter

Easter In The Ukraine

Easter is the brightest, most majestic holiday in Ukraine, and it is celebrated with a variety of traditions. The word for ‘Easter’ in Ukrainian is Velykden’, which translates to ‘Great Day’, and it is one of the biggest holidays in the country. People fast during lent with strict devotion, as the country is passionate about adhering to the faith. Everyone awaits Easter day. A festive mood would bloom throughout the country and families come together to celebrate with food. Not this year though, this Easter is a very different story. Being ravaged by a savage, merciless attack to which we are now also hearing about atrocities against civilians. The Ukrainian people are strong in faith and resolve. We are seeing how much so as they defend their freedom, country and way of life. Here in our hinterland and coastal Parish of Our Lady of the Rosary we are looking towards celebrating our first ‘normal’ Easter since the Pandemic arrived and to say the least, we are very excited. This year the Ukrainian people will be celebrating their Easter unlike no other, you might like to join the Majellan Ministry and send a message of hope to our Christian Brothers and Sisters in the Ukraine. You can do this via

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