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Alpha at OLR Apr 29, 2022

Third Sunday of Easter

Alpha at OLR

Friends, our second Alpha Course for the year starts at 6pm in the Parish Centre on Tuesday this coming week. Many people in our parish have heard me preaching recently about the big difference between faith being something that we do and faith being something that we experience. I, for one, wrestle with this every time I preside at Mass: we gather to celebrate the highest form of worship, but the challenge is real – to be present and deliberate about what it is we’re celebrating. If Mass is our highest form of worship though, doesn’t that presuppose us having other forms of worship and engagement opportunities? Alpha the tool we’re using in our parish to facilitate Encounters with the person of Jesus. Encounters with Christ is facilitated when, after sharing a meal, watching a top quality video on a faith-based topic, and discussion in an open, trusting, non-judgemental small group environment, people come to a point where they feel listened to, loved, and desire more in their faith lives. The magic of Encounter often then happens when, after all that, we experience Jesus in prayer – being prayed for by Alpha Team members. If you would like to know more, please email Trish Hyde – [email protected] – or simply Come and See this coming week on Tuesday, 6pm at the Parish Centre. A meal, beer and wine are provided.

Blessings, Fr Josh

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