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All Souls’ Day celebration Nov 4, 2022

Thirty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time
All Souls Caloundra Photo
All Souls Caloundra Photo

All Souls’ Day celebration

On Tuesday last week, the parish celebrated two All Souls’ masses – one at Unity College Chapel at 7.50am, and one at OLR church at 5.00pm. Both Masses drew large congregations as faith-filled people came to pray for loved ones and all the dead. In a special way, due to our parish’s technology platform, we were able to invite all those who celebrated funerals of loved ones in our parish over the past two years. This is significant because the technology we have allows us to reach out to people who may not consider themselves active parishioners, but who are an important part of our parish none-the-less.

As we delve into the journey of our Strategic Planning Process, it is important that each one of us begin to look for ways to reach out to, and invite into relationship, those who are connected to our parish in ways other than regular Sunday worshipers. These people, our brothers and sisters in Christ, are on our doorstep but it’s up to each one of us – not the parish, not the priests, not someone else – but every worshiping parishioner, to take up the opportunities which present themselves. As we take this journey into being a missional, outward-facing parish, may the Holy Spirit inspire our desire to share the Good News with others. In the meantime, enjoy these stunning photos of All Souls Day.






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