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Communion for the sick

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Communion for the sick & homebound

Sometimes Catholics are unable to come to Mass because of illness or because they are homebound for one reason or another. This does not mean they have to miss out on receiving Communion. Priests or lay ministers can visit the sick and homebound to give Holy Communion to them. The sick person who receives Communion this way is sharing in the Eucharistic meal of the whole parish community.

While we celebrate Mass regularly in this parish, there are many who, due to health, mobility or transport challenges, are unable to join the celebration. St Paul calls us to be the Body of Christ - that means we need to be diligent in remembering those who, while remaining faithful, are not with us. Every week, women and men from across the parish take the Body of our Lord to the sick and housebound but we are always looking for more.

Please contact Dawn Morrison for more information - [email protected]

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