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Ministry Update Mar 22, 2024

Palm Sunday
Ministry updates - during LENT
Ministry updates - during LENT

Community Life

Our team consists of John, Elaine, Viv, Donna and Janice who meet regularly to plan and promote hospitality and welcoming events. We also offer physical support to all our 11 different mass communities.

Progress lately has been:

  • Hospitality events after different masses around the wider parish are attracting an increasing number of parishioners e.g. 9:30am Caloundra Sunday cuppa after mass, is having numbers between 50-100+ people depending on weather, Nipper training etc. New friendships and acquaintances are being made judging by the buzz from chatting.
  • Saturday 5pm Caloundra mass now has two “wine & cheese” nights per month.• Many more parishioners are ordering and wearing name badges which includes the name of the community where mass is attended. The name badges have proved very effective in creating more open and welcoming communities. Well done everyone!! Name badge orders will remain open at a subsidised cost of $5 by contacting the parish office, or via linktree. It’s not too late!!!
  • Caloundra Sunday 6:30am is now holding two hospitality events a month after mass-“tea & toast” and “cuppa &muffin” with 3 events planned for this month including “hot cross buns & a cuppa” for Easter Sunday to celebrate Easter & welcome our many holidaying visitors.
  • Harmony Day (celebrating multiculturalism) is being celebrated at several mass communities with the wearing of orange and bringing a plate of traditional cultural food.
  • Caloundra Sunday 9:30am mass holds three hospitality events a month with a 4th event hopefully happening soon. We need a few more volunteers please.
  • Community feast days are being encouraged, planned and supported with the next one being Kawana celebrating Good Shepherd feast day on April 21st.

How can you help? Progress in creating a “vibrant community” could be increased markedly with more hands.

Offers of help can be sent to Janice at [email protected]

God Bless, 

Janice, John, Elaine, Viv and Donna

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