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Parish News Nov 10, 2023

Thirty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time
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Community Life Ministry

The Community Life Ministry’s vision is to create opportunities for our parishioners around our eight Mass centres and 11 Mass communities, to feel an increased sense of connection and belonging to the wider OLR parish and individual communities. The Leadership Team’s efforts during this past month have been focussed on organising: the Our Lady of the Rosary (OLR) feast day celebrations; increasing the number of hospitality events after weekend masses; offering support to the 30-45 year old ladies group and Maleny centenary celebrations; increasing numbers of weekend Mass greeters at doors; encouraging and promoting the wearing of name tags; and overseeing the distribution of communion to parishioners unable to attend Mass. 
Unfortunately on the afternoon of the OLR feast day, heavy rain and wind arrived, washing out our planned rosary procession with banners. Instead, it was held within the church. The procession of the eight Mass centre banners at the beginning of Mass was very effective and thankfully many brave souls stayed on for the delicious meal. Sunday 9:30am Mass now has three morning teas per month with other Masses starting more or planning to set up more hospitality events. Judging by attendances, these hospitality events are popular and appreciated. Our aim is to promote and support more hospitality events at all 11 Masses by encouraging more volunteers and promoting a “bring a plate” culture. The younger Ladies’ (30-45 years) group is slowly growing momentum and is meeting monthly. The Community Life Ministry team has offered to help the Maleny community with catering for the centenary celebration by bringing up a team of six parishioners on the day (4 Feb 2024) to free up Maleny parishioners to enable them to relax and enjoy this important occasion. Our Mass greeters are doing an exceptional job with many parishioners offering to step up with great enthusiasm and warmth to this important role of making everyone feel welcome and valued. The number of parishioners wearing to wear name tags to parish events is gradually increasing. This is such a simple way to help make connections with others and create a sense of belonging to the parish. Both Community Life and Service & Outreach ministries are working together to support parishioners unable to attend Mass and receive the Eucharist. The large number of Extraordinary Ministers receiving their pyx at weekend and weekday Masses is testament to the generosity of these generous parishioners who visit nursing and private homes. 
There are several other initiatives being discussed and developed at our team’s regular meetings. We gladly welcome any offers of assistance from parishioners to help us to continue and widen our endeavours to hold more hospitality events and opportunities to increase connection and participation around the wider parish. Please contact [email protected] 


– Janice, Community Life Team Leader



The Vatican Synod

The Vatican’s nearly month-long Synod on Synodality assembly, convened by Pope Francis, concluded on the 28 October with members approving an ambitious text calling for greater “co-responsibility” among all believers in the evangelizing mission of the Church — and proposing concrete reforms to achieve it.

Titled “A Synodal Church in Mission,” the 41-page summary report included notable proposals to establish new ministries for the laity, increase lay involvement in decision-making, create processes to evaluate bishops’ performance of their ministry, change the way the Church discerns “controversial” issues, and expand the footprint of synodal assemblies going forward.

“The exercise of co-responsibility is essential for synodality and is necessary at all levels of the Church,” the final report stated. “Every Christian is a mission in the world.”

The document also repeatedly sought to ground synodality in Scripture, tradition, and the teaching of Vatican II while also affirming the need to further develop the often misunderstood concept itself and apply it more deeply to the Church’s theology and canon law. A copy of the summary report can be found by searching for the document title online.




4-Week Advent program



A True Story?  You Decide


A new priest – it could’ve been Fr Gerard – was visiting the homes of parishioners. At one house is seemed obvious that someone was at home, but no answer came to his repeated knocks at the door. Therefore, he took out a business card and wrote ‘Revelation 3:20’ on the back of it and stuck it in the door.

When the collection was counted after the next Sunday Mass, he found that his card had been returned. Added to it was this cryptic message, ‘Genesis 3:10’. Reaching for his Bible, to check out the passage, he broke out in howls of laughter.

Revelation 3:20 begins, ‘Behold, I stand at the door and knock’. Genesis 3:10 reads, ‘I heard your voice in the garden and I was afraid for I was naked’.



Successfully Aging Wisely



On Thursday the last week, over 70 people gathered at OLR church to listen and learn about different aspects of senior living. Brisbane-based professionals specialising in Law, Financial Planning, Funeral Planning, and Bequests delivered “Very informative,” “Fantastic,” “Amazing,” “Enlightening,” and “Thought-provoking” content – to quote several people who attended.

Our gratitude, in particular, goes to Holy Cross Funerals, who sponsored the event with a tasty morning tea and salubrious lunch. Thank you to the parish catering team – you know who you are – and to Raushen Perera, from the Catholic Foundation, who organised the event.


Women’s Retreat Opportunity


‘If you only knew the gift…’of your womanhood, gifted to you by God. We want to journey with you as you discover this feminine genius within, gifted to us by God.

To that end, we warmly invite women 18 years + to a day retreat at Stella Maris Primary School, Maroochydore, on the 25 November from 8:30am-4.00pm. The day retreat will include input from Karen Doyle, founder of the Genius Project and Genius Podcast, and mentor to many women around Australia.

The retreat day cost is $30 per person. To register or for more information call the Maroochydore Parish office, 5443 3488, or visit their website and follow the links to Sisterhood.

We look forward to seeing you there for this wonderful and meaningful time.



Parish Administrator Position

With the departure of Pauline at the Maroochydore Parish, a new admin position has opened in the parish office.
We invite applications to be submitted via the Archdiocesan website under the tab ‘Careers.’ The job description gives you an indication of the outline of the role and how to apply.




Extraordinary Communion Ministers

Thank you to all our wonderful pastoral carers who take communion to the sick and homebound. 
You take the gift of Our Lord to people a part of our parish, who are so very grateful. 
In recent weeks we have had two very large nursing homes open – one at Birtinya and another at Pelican Waters. Unfortunately, we do not have a sufficient number of extraordinary communion ministers to visit  these nursing homes. If anyone has one or two hours to spare each month, and can assist in this very important ministry, please call Vivienne on 0409897673.
Training will be provided and you will be attending in pairs.

Ladies Lunch

The next Ladies Lunch will be on Friday 17 November at Pelican Waters Tavern 38 Pelican Waters Blvd at 12 noon. All ladies are welcome. Please contact Deborah by Monday 13 November if you would like to come. This is our last lunch for the year.



Art for Advent – 2 December

Our Fr. Francis and Rev. Paul Fletcher from the Anglican Parish are hosting an ecumenical initiative called Art for Advent. It will begin with a one-hour interactive presentation by Fr. Francis on Christian art. The talk will be followed by artists between our parishes showcasing their artwork based on Advent themes.

Venue: St. Andrews.

Starting time: 10.30am.

Refreshments will be provided during showcasing. Light lunch available from 12.30pm.




Centenary of the first Catholic Church in Maleny

The Maleny Sacred Heart Church community invites Parishioners to celebrate the Centenary of the first Catholic Church in Maleny in February 1924, built on land donated by Mr Pat Daley. A Centenary book is being compiled and will be available at the celebrations on Sunday 4 February 2024.
RSVPs and enquiries to Anna [email protected]
or Danielle 0419545711




In Transition

person holding lighted oil lamp



We welcome Joseph McGuire, Zepplin Balle & Piper Mole who will be baptised at OLR this weekend.

We pray that all the souls of our loved ones who have gone before us and the souls of our deceased priests, religious and parishioners Rest in Peace.




Safeguarding in our Parish

The Safeguarding Commitment for the Archdiocese of Brisbane and Caloundra Catholic Parish is: Zero tolerance for all forms of abuse and strives to safeguard all who interact with its ministries & services. Special priority is given to the safety & wellbeing of children & adults at risk. In an emergency, please call the Police 000 or information can be provided to STOPline anonymously.

Phone: 1300 304 550

Email: [email protected]


Or Brisbane Safeguarding 07 3324 3752

Our Local Safeguarding Officer:  Judy Moir  0421 873 060














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