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Parish News Jan 12, 2024

Second Sunday In Ordinary Time
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Invitation to all members of Our Lady of the Rosary Parish Community, Please join us for all or part of Maleny Centenary Celebrations – 4 February

The day will start at 9.00am with Mass and unveiling of a plaque by Archbishop Coleridge.

Morning tea, audiovisual presentation and book launch followed by lunch in the Pat Daley Centre.

At 1.00pm, the commemorative cake and time capsule will be unveiled.

Event enquiries: [email protected]

Centenary book available for purchase $25    Contact:[email protected]

Explore and RSVP to more upcoming parish events:




Cooks Wanted

Are you gifted at cooking?  Could you spare an hour a month PLEASE? Are you looking for a small way to help the church but not sure how?

Fr Josh, Fr Francis and Fr Gerard are looking for someone to help cook lunch for the clergy once a month on Friday.

Currently there are two slots which are vacant. Please call the Parish office if you are able to assist. Thank you!




Fr Josh’s vision for our parish

I have a Spirit-inspired vision for our future and I invite you to make it yours – to make a home for it in your heart. I invite you to imagine what parish life will be like when every single member of our worshiping community has experienced transformation by the Holy Spirit. This is a vision for everyone, no matter age, race, or culture, because it’s a vision of belonging to Jesus.


I dream of a parish where our core business is transforming lives by accompanying people to encounter, know, love and follow Jesus. We know that this is our role and mission because we have experienced this journey of accompaniment ourselves.


I envision a community of communities where every celebration of Mass is animated by an outpouring of worship in the hearts of the entire congregation; where every person celebrates with a contagious joy in their singing, listening and prayer, and which leads to a palpable atmosphere of God’s presence. This contagious joy then overflows as we are sent to tell others about what we have experienced ourselves. When visitors or new parishioners – young adults, young families, and matured-aged people – walk through our doors, they experience a welcome and inviting love that causes a desire to make our parish their home. Through this desire and a clearly signposted discipleship journey, we experience annual growth in the Sacraments of Initiation across all age groups.


I dream of a parish where every person is excited to use the skills, gifts and talents they have been given by God in service of others, both inside and outside of the worshiping community. They know they are called to serve because they know that God has a plan for them that relies on them.


This desire to be part of the mission also leads to a transformation in the way we approach sacrificial giving. We give of ourselves and our resources to God, rather than to the parish, and in doing so, experience the liberating freedom of trust: that what we have received from God is more than enough. Come Holy Spirit!







There’s nothing “ordinary” about ordinary time

The feast of the Baptism of the Lord, which was celebrated on Monday last week is the last day of the liturgical season of Christmas Time.

The Church’s liturgical calendar then moves into Ordinary Time. There are two parts to Ordinary Time: the first falls between the end of the Christmas season and the start of Lent, and the second between the Monday after Pentecost and the Saturday before the first Sunday of Advent.

Previously these Ordinary Time Sundays were simply designated Sundays “after Epiphany” or “after Pentecost”.

The name “Ordinary Time” is rather an unfortunate one because the word “ordinary” normally means something unexceptional or uninteresting. There is no such thing as “ordinary time” in Christian worship, however, the word “ordinary” as used in “Ordinary Time” means that the Sundays after the seasons of Christmas and Easter are counted in order, using ordinal numbers.

Ordinary Time is one of the liturgical seasons – the longest season of the church year. Its liturgical colour of green points to our Christian hope and life, entering into the mystery of Christ in all its fullness. Ordinary Time calls us to celebrate the presence of God in the ordinary patterns of human life.

By Elizabeth Harrington.





Grief Support

If you are experiencing grief through the loss of a loved one, a broken relationship or a major life change of any kind, and you feel that the Grief Support team can be of assistance to you or a family member, specially at this time of year, please contact [email protected] with your details so a support person can contact you.

All contact is treated with utmost confidentiality.





In Transition

person holding lighted oil lamp


We welcome Arabella Pennisi, Fred Henry & Andie McMillian who will be baptised at OLR this weekend.

Congratulations to Ebonny Cooper & Theodore Webster who will be married on Thursday at Tiffany’s.

We pray for Joanne Funk who died last week and her funeral was on Friday at OLR.

May her soul and the souls of our deceased priests, religious and parishioners Rest in Peace.







Safeguarding in our Parish

The Safeguarding Commitment for the Archdiocese of Brisbane and Caloundra Catholic Parish is: Zero tolerance for all forms of abuse and strives to safeguard all who interact with its ministries & services. Special priority is given to the safety & wellbeing of children & adults at risk. In an emergency, please call the Police 000 or information can be provided to STOPline anonymously.

Phone: 1300 304 550

Email: [email protected]

Or Brisbane Safeguarding 07 3324 3752

Our Local Safeguarding Officer:  Judy Moir  0421 873 060




A Year of Invitation prayer


My Lord and my God, you never cease to invite me
to know, love and follow your Son, Jesus.
Give me the grace and courage to be a channel of your love
so that my “yes” to you becomes an invitation to others.
I offer up my entire self – heart, mind and will – to your purpose for me.
Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.





























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