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Announcement Of Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD) Legislation

On May 25 the Premier did the 1st Reading of so called Draft ‘Voluntary Assisted Dying’ legislation at Parliament House. When she flagged doing so a week earlier Archbishop Mark issued the following: Today’s announcement that Queensland is a step closer to euthanasia is unsurprising but deeply disappointing. We join with the many medical professionals…

Fr Josh’s Reflection

Celebrating and Cultivating our Union with God Take a minute to think about the flavour of homilies you’ve heard in the past on Trinity Sunday. I wonder if your priests ever bamboozled you with heresies from the second and third centuries like Adoptionism, Arianism and Sabellianism. I remember studying them all at university but to…

Parish News & Events This Week

Ignite Launch Event and Request for Sponsorship A small contingent of our youth and young adults recently attended the annual Ignite Launch event at Dreamworld. This event is comprised of two aspects: first, a day filled with adventure, rides, and WAY too much fun – we had a blast hanging out together, catching up with…

National Reconciliation Week

More of our OLR history! Have you seen the Reconciliation Garden and Acknowledgement Stones at the side of the OLR Church? The stones acknowledge the local Gubbi Gubbi people and the design, inspired by them, depicts in the sculpture their local food sources. The garden expresses our hope for reconciliation. The Dedication and Blessing by…

Fr Dang’s Reflection

This Sunday we celebrate the Feast of Pentecost. We usually associate Pentecost with the Holy Spirit, so much so that Pentecost means the Holy Spirit. To begin with, the meaning of the word “Pentecost” has almost nothing to do with the Holy Spirit.   The name Pentecost came from a Greek word “Pente” which means “fiftieth”.…

Parish News & Events This Week

Catholic Missions The new Archdiocesan Director of Catholic Missions, Emily Connors, paid a visit to the Parish during the week to thank the community for once again supporting the work of Catholic Missions.  Last year $4346.50 was raised through the appeal.  This year’s appeal will take place on Missions Sunday, 23/24 October and the focus…

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