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‘Faithful Servants’ – meet Cathy Brown Jun 23, 2023

Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Cathy Brown 2
Cathy Brown 2

Meet Cathy Brown

How long have you been a parishioner?

 I’ve been a parishioner at OLR for more than 30 years after being transferred for work from Toowoomba. I worked at the Commonwealth Bank.

Where is your place of worship?

My regular place of Worship is at Our Lady of the Rosary Church – both weekdays and 9.30am Mass Sunday mornings.
I sometimes attend 6.30am Sunday Mass at OLR too, and 5pm Sunday at Unity.


What is your favourite prayer/devotion?

My favourite prayer is to the Guardian Angel. I pray it daily for my family members, myself and others in need of protection.

Would you like to share your experience of God’s love?

I experienced God’s love through surviving my 12 month battle with Cancer, when at times I wasn’t expected to survive. I believe this was the beginning of me experiencing a deeper Faith journey.

What is your most important practice in ‘living your faith’ as a disciple?

I try to live my faith in different ways as a disciple by volunteering in many different ministries within the parish; and by visiting and taking Communion to parishioners at homes or at aged-care facilities. It is important to me that people still feel they belong.

What do you most enjoy about being a part of the parish community?

Being a part of the parish community has allowed me to get to know and interact with many fellow parishioners both young and not so young. I would never have had this opportunity without volunteering and given the chance to participate in Alpha, Encounter, Retreat Days, Tuesday’s Ladies Prayer and Friendship Group, and Kingdom Youth at Unity College on a Friday night.
I remember Fr Josh asking at a 9.30 Sunday Mass a few years back how many fellow parishioners we knew by name. My answer was 30.
If that same question was asked of me today, I’d give a ballpark answer of 270!


What are you most proud of about your parish involvement, contribution & support of our community?

I would like to think I’ve always made myself available to support many areas in the parish including supporting my fellow parishioners. Hence my answer of 270 above!


Would you like to share a little more about your faith life?

My faith life started in my home town of Quilpie and has continued to this day.
My late mother was my guide and inspiration. With her influence,  together from primary school years, I attended Mass weekly on Tuesdays and every first Friday and Saturday of the month.
As a family, we attended Sunday Mass and monthly Sunday night Benediction. I remember our pet cat even following us to Benediction!
The Rosary was a family evening prayer, said kneeling around my parents bed.
This is why I describe myself as a “cradle Catholic!”



Faithful Servants is a regular feature of the ever-present ‘servants of the faith’ across our local parish community.

Please email Bernadette Bain, if you would like to nominate someone for this feature.







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