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‘Faithful Servants’ – meet Anne Saunders Sep 8, 2023

Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time
Faithful Servants_Anne Saunders
Faithful Servants_Anne Saunders

Meet Anne Saunders

How long have you been a parishioner?

 I’ve been a parishioner at OLR for about 15 years.

Where is your place of worship?

My regular place of Worship is at Our Lady of the Rosary Church – usually attending daily mass (if i can) to receive daily graces and blessings.

What is your favourite prayer/devotion?

I have three favourite devotional prayer practices:
(1) the mass – it’s powerful to witness the Last Supper and Calvary
(2) the Rosary because Our Lady intercedes for us; and
(3) Adoration (spending time with Jesus in the Tabernacle is of great benefit to us).

Would you like to share your experience of God’s love?

There are many times I feel God’s love, but none like the time when I received the news of the sudden death of my son.
I was in such shock that I felt as if my two feet were tangled, so I grabbed the statue of Our Lady and I felt immense comfort and assurance that everything was going to be okay.
In that moment, God’s love transcended my life, and I felt such gratitude that my son had been anointed just before his passing.


What is your most important practice in ‘living your faith’ as a disciple?

During our life’s journey we take long steps, but when you lose a child, you feel like you are at the mercy of God and your steps become smaller and smaller.
Showing compassion and forgiveness towards others; and always putting God first in our lives is what’s most important.

What do you most enjoy about being a part of the parish community?

The hospitality of our parish community is next to none!



Faithful Servants is a regular feature of the ever-present ‘servants of the faith’ across our local parish community.

Please email Bernadette Bain, if you would like to nominate someone for this feature.







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